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christmas tree

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   We are a professional manufacturer in China.We produce kinds of Classic, Elegant & Stylish christmas decoration items and promotion gifts,such as Artificial christmas trees, Pine needle Christmas trees, Mountain mixed pine? wreaths and garlands,Decorated gifts for Chri- -stmas and Promotions.

christmas tree

originated in Germany. German December 24 of each year, that Adam and Eve festival, arranged a fir tree in the home (the tree of the Garden of Eden), thin biscuits will be hung, a symbol of holy bread (Christian atonement mark).

pine needle tree

can be used to make Christmas trees, planted in large pots inside, covered with colorful trees, a small candle or small lamp, and then hang all kinds of decorations and ribbons, as well as children's toys, and family members a gift.

artificial christmas tree

is a relatively natural Christmas tree cultivation, the use of artificially-made Christmas tree. The first artificial Christmas tree and feather quality wood sub-two, invented by the Germans.     All our products are with premium quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and good service.
    High-quality artificial pine branches which are sturdy enough to hold all of your ornaments.Wrapped,Hook,Hinged tree branches for easy and quick setup. Flame-retardant materials for your safty.
    Nothing is quite as beautiful as a decorated gifts for your christmas and other holidays. Now you can create the look of a holiday wonde- -rland in your own place-your home,your shop,your office with our beautiful pine trees,wreaths,garlands and decorations.
    The lovely decorated artificial Christmas tree and other gifts will certainly create a festive centerpiece to your holiday celebration.
     Celebrate your holiday with these timeless beauty!
     We warmly welcome you to select our Classic, Elegant & Stylish products and services.


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