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Crafts mainly to buy the object is no longer Sangong consumption

    Sangong "consumer sales object arts and crafts industry is facing the kind of situation? April 2, TANG Guo Jian, deputy secretary general of the China Arts and Crafts Association, said in Yangzhou, although the current government procurement to reduce, but the arts christmas tree and crafts industry affected is not large, the prospects are still bright.

    Currently, the national handicraft industry from government procurement orders dramatic decrease from the industry analysis, the proportion of sales of government procurement in the beauty industry, workers are not high. According to statistics, in 2011, the total sales of industrial enterprises of scale of more than 20 million yuan in output value of 500 billion yuan, and small enterprises with the total sales of 500 billion yuan, almost all from the above-scale enterprises in the industry based on high-end crafts characteristics that is not large, high-end crafts sales accounted for the proportion of the total sales of arts and crafts, and government procurement is the main high-end products.

    "In fact, all these years, the whereabouts of the high-end crafts already appeared differentiation." TangGuo built as the pine needle tree personal collection of the rise of the construction of private clubs, private cultural arts consumption in fact, has become the main target of the high-end crafts. He said, a real reason to continue to be optimistic about the prospects of the handicraft industry, is to be held in Yangzhou 48th National Arts & Crafts Fair, the Fair is mainly aimed at the general consumer groups, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors, crafts species are a record the most ever, and even attracted to Pakistan, Canada's foreign exhibitors, this reflects the industry's confidence in the market.


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