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Most Chinese contemporary art unworthy "Favorites"

Liu Xiaodong proposed public art museums, the museum of china christmas tree contemporary art, and that this is a very good thing for the accumulation of social and cultural wealth, enhance cultural soft power, worthy of the society worthy of future generations ". He also cites the many foreign art museums, foundations collecting contemporary art example of this the other hand, domestic art galleries to save the public memory function is not sound quite regrettable.

From the proposed reasons, Liu Xiaodong, the idea is not unreasonable, but jump out of this beautiful ideal of looking around the circle back to the domestic market for contemporary art, we will find that the majority of contemporary art does not deserve "Favorites" lack even exist reasons.

The author's long-term observation of china christmas wreaths contemporary painting and artwork, the market will experience a downturn after an impractical, as time goes on, this irreparable decline will become inevitable, which must also have the ingredients to be natural. As early as in the mid-nineteenth century, Chinese painting has entered the commercial market, and the formation of a strong commercial maritime school of painting, but the turmoil and upheavals of the 20th century, hinder this process, the new era of China's art market started late operation mechanism, industry rules on coincides with the reform and opening up, more loose and flexible economic policies, a variety of capital involved in the art market and social forces therebetween foam greatly increased, especially of contemporary painting and art market, normative but also the same; coupled with people worrying.


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