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25 years of memories of the art market in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, one of the earliest open cities in China, as neighbors, here the first bud of China's reform and opening up free trade.china christmas garland Time, because the material life, social security is much higher than the mainland, many people would take the risk, to sneak into Hong Kong. Some of the "lucky" people got permanent residence permit through the relationship, openly become Hong Kong residents, thus they can be free to return to the mainland, they suddenly become the eyes of the people from the mainland of Hong Kong businessmen and wealthy. Their transactions are very simple: some electronic table brought back from Hong Kong, tape recorders and other goods in short supply, to the mainland will be able to exchange for a lot of things, including porcelain, handicrafts, paintings, etc., and then brought to Hong Kong to go to the sale, such one to one back on the formation of the market.

That time, people from the mainland by working to christmas tree decoration make money is not easy, only a few dozen dollars a month basic, but who home pieces of jade, get Guangzhou can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Especially in northern cities, a lot of people at home are more or less there will be some porcelain, jade, antiques, and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province as porcelain, almost every household do porcelain, some more important national porcelain factory work, The home also leave something. These crafts or antique to Guangzhou, a small porcelain can sell a hundred dollars, and replaced with the money to come back again with more stuff in the past, such a mass 10 10 Fax 100, Guangzhou will be the formation of a free market. Initially, this transaction only in private, but with the later arrival of the real Hong Kong businessmen and foreign tourists, the art market in Guangzhou which started Guoqiang is one of the earliest group of gold prospectors.


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