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Storytelling from the end of the world to the Christmas carnival NetEase mailbox comics head Figure

www.christmastreescn.comUshered in after the end of the century date is it? Christmas carnival, of course! December 25, 2012 Christmas NetEase mailbox login page header Figure the day before Christmas Eve dawn on the line from doomsday to Christmas series of comics head china christmas trees map last a "doomsday after Christmas Carnival" first chart. Figure had excited doomsday did not after the scheduled arrival of the animals found on board the christmas tree shop same boat, the ship docked on the shore, decorated Christmas tree to celebrate the end of 2012, coming after Christmas.

"Water Margin unparalleled content grab exposure in late December Christmas Special Edition

Large-scale light 3D country battle action christmas tree decoration online game Water Margin Warriors "is about to launch at the end of December the Christmas special edition" of the fighting spirit of the love robbery "! Unveiled new equipment Wuhun, help battlefield Kills; new system couples play, Love's own providence; new challenges Demon Tower open 80 hero call of duty; the new glory King statue, national dignity universal maintenance; more the quintet activities give you extraordinary china christmas wreaths festival Festival!

Part of the Arts & Crafts Factory began to abandon the "export" take "domestic"

Millions of orders sent to abroad, Anshan, a simulation process gift enterprises would not answer, and instead to start a domestic shopping malls orders.
    Of foreign orders time tight Lee and thin production artificial christmas tree companies would not answer

Small business success stories: Share Story harvest wealth

Ten selection announcement: "Wei Chuan excellent +, let love grow, domestic infant nutrition experts" Wei Chuan "full sponsorship" the Huicong -2012 China's gift industry Ten selection activities, has been kicked off, activities gifts from the domestic famous wine wine with the brand "rice wine with" sponsorship. Where registration companies can get soft declared a "top ten" enterprises can be further tailored annual branding and buyers matching service.

Small business success stories: Share Story harvest wealth

The allocation of the profit is always more and more aspects of the end link individual profit more so to work in the interests of most end you want to make money is very difficult, in order to have a satisfactory life, need to be allocated to the interests of the christmas tree shop top efforts, several small business success story to tell your business is the only way to make money.

Jinxiu County, Guangxi bigger tea industry to promote local economic development

Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Laibin is one of the most suitable areas for the recognized national tea production, is a famous green tea favorable areas and oolong favorable areas. Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County of high-grade, high-quality, high standards in recent years, the development of the tea industry, actively tap Yao camellia culture with modern concepts to create traditional industries, with the means pine needle tree of modern technology to upgrade traditional industries, the tea industry has embarked on a standardized, industry, industrialization and diversification of the development of the fast lane.

How pigs reared feed - non-food feed good results?

Pasture grass to alfalfa, comfrey, clover and string  christmas tree uniflora guillotine centimeters into the cauldron or vat container, add a small amount of water in a sunny place for fermentation, usually after 7-8 days fermentation can be pigs.

Chengdu gift show 6.15 western blossom build China's fourth extremely

According to the Chinese economy, the division of the territory, China has always been active in gift industry long Yangtze river and pearl river delta and the bohai rim the three regions, and as the great western development deeply and west triangle circle establishment, here have become bearing gifts industry hopes for the fourth poles.


The classical painting "won the golden phoenix handicraft innovation bronze award

National treasure boutiques carnival "classical painting" suit high copy high-quality goods from museum of Beijing the imperial palace the national Palace Museum, Taipei, liaoning the Palace Museum collection of paintings of hundreds of thousands of handed down from ancient times, select six different style of painting painting masters twelve of auspicious famous works. This set of works from since launch, get the domestic professional high praise and attention. On April 27,china christmas garland...

Jade collection new era rising prices generally strong demand

Jade collection has become bound is a contemporary of the beautiful scenery line, jade products prices, demand is strong. Chinese jade has come to a new era, the variety of jade is of stars, from onefold before white jade development up to now covers the white jade, dushan jade, xiuyan jade and so on a series of jade varieties, and in the markets loved and popular. In the past China's soft jade production but a few one thousand jins, but now the output of each year is more than one thousand tons. Each yield jade from China in can see, contemporary Chinese jade is no longer a jade which kind of fashion, but the whole industry an overall recovery of jade.



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